(ISC)² Chapters are “Trusted Sources” for CPE Submissions


All (ISC)² Chapters are Official CPE Submitters, in which the Chapter can submit CPEs to (ISC)² on the members’ behalf. (ISC)² Chapters are also considered “trusted sources”, which means CPEs that are submitted on behalf of chapter members who attend chapter meetings cannot be audited. Chapters are not responsible for tracking information on who attended chapter meetings after CPEs have been submitted. Please note that those members who submit CPEs on their own for attending a chapter meeting can be audited, so please be sure to communicate this to your members and submit CPEs in a timely manner. For questions, contact chapters@isc2.org.

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2 comments on “(ISC)² Chapters are “Trusted Sources” for CPE Submissions
  1. Asa Engleman, CISSP says:

    Brett, thank you for posting this. So does this mean, if we sign in that we attended a meeting CPEs are auto-magically added to the ISC2 site for attending or do we still need to go on the site and submit them ourselves?

    • Brett Mabrie, CISSP says:


      Great question. Our Membership Chair is new and is refining the process of submitting CPEs, which will be complete prior to our next meeting. We have the sign-in sheets and will be adding the CPEs over the next month. If you are coming up on your annual renewal deadline before the next chapter meeting you can go ahead and add your CPEs manually. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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