INFOSEC Industry still struggles to Attract Women

Since CISSP is more than about hacking things, I thought I would turn your thoughts to education.

Being female, I relate to this article.  I have been in the I.T. field for 14 years,  7 of them working in INFOSEC.  During these years, I have seen my position at most companies take on that “admin role” and deter from my true passion in I.T.  While some of this was due to the economic times and required to maintain my job, I still felt humbled.

My purpose for this article though isn’t to whine about my past.  My point is for those of you who have little girls, and perhaps little granddaughters,  now is the time to start encouraging them to the scientific side. Instead of just “fixing” the computer issue, have them help you figure it out. Encourage them to the scientific world. After all, we do grow up with the princess stories of objects changing…that frog turning into a prince, a fairy godmother changing an seemingly normal pumpkin into a carriage, and how eating a apple laced with chemicals can put us into a coma…

I have been in the I.T. field since 1999, adding Information Assurance / Cyber Security to my career path in 2007. Since then I have performed vulnerability assessments for network devices. My previous work experience includes test & evaluation of network devices, research & development, project management support, system hardware/software integration, maintenance and operational support, business continuity, capacity planning, disaster recovery, and risk assessments. I have worked in a variety of industries including Federal Government, Industrial, Sales, Publishing, and Education.

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